Bay of Plenty Clay Target Association - Safe Shooting
Bay of Plenty Clay Target Association - Company Message

The Safety of Shooters, Range Officials and Spectators requires continued and careful attention to firearms handling and caution in moving about the range
Shooting Glasses.....A reminder that on an NZCTA ground such as ours,you MUST wear shooting glasses when shooting SKEET or SPORTING CLAYS.
Your eyes are the most important item required for shooting,so keep them safe.
All the Top shooters do....

When entering the traphouses in use for Ball Trap,always enter from the RIGHT handside of the traphouse(as seen from the trap lanes).
Always check the trap is turned OFF at the shooting mark,before walking down to the traphouse.
When entering the trap house stay hard against the wall.
The reason doing for this is the trap is only mounted waist height,and if you enter from the left you walk across the front of the cocked trap.The Ball Trap has a lot of spring on the arm and accidental release could cause very serious injury if a person was infront of it.

When shooting down the line.
On Station 5 after you have fired....
*Unload your gun and remove shells with the barrels pointing down range.
*Turn right (so your barrel doesn't point at the rest of the squad)
*Then move off to Station 1


It has also been observed some shooters while shooting are turning while breaking open their guns with a whirling flourish.
While this may appear impressive to the shooter,it is extremely dangerous and against the NZCTA rules.
Rule 4-22 clearly states :The shooter must not turn from the shooting station before their gun is opened.
Any shooter observed doing this is liable at least for disqualification.
Your gun must always only be loaded and emptied with the barrels pointing down range.
Safety Flags....

When you go down to reload the traps during the day the safety flag must always be displayed.
Make sure the last shooter out of the house puts the flag down.Otherwise the next squad may not have seen how many people went down to the trap and shooting could commence will personal still in the house.
When the safety flag is displayed on a field shooters may not close their gun and practice sight it.
*Be careful if you need to check target heights during the day,once you go forward of the trap house you are exposed to the field of fire from the next door fields,especially if skeet is in operation.