Bay of Plenty Clay Target Club - History of The Association.
Bay of Plenty Clay Target Club - Bay of Plenty Clay Target Club


 Notice in BOP Times 23 May 1877(Intention to form a Gun Club to shoot live pigeons)

In the early days organised shooting events used live pigeons(domestically bred stock,not the native bird).The birds were
released from under a trap and had to be shot before the flew outside a prescribed area.Wagers were placed by the participants and prizes were often up to £20 -30 pounds,a Teacher was paid around £15 a year in those days.The events drew large crowds,and were often held at Public events such as shows and picnics.
Clay pigeons became available in the 1890's,The Tauranga Gun
Club adopted the shooting of these in 1912.

Notice to Sportsmen, A MEETING of the
Tauranga Gun Club will be held at the 
Tauranga Hotel, at 7.30, This Evening (Thursday), 24th July 1879. All interested are requested to attend. 
Tauranga Gun Club 
PIGEON MATCH will take place at the farm of R .C. Jordan, Esq. , at Judea, at 11 a.m., on Wednesday,
Sept. 3rd instant 1879
To entitle Members to shoot in the above Match Subscriptions must be paid on or before 11 a.m. Wednesday, 3rd Sept. 1879 in full.
 10th April 1880,A Pigeon match was held at Mr R.C.Jordans farm at Judea.Competitors paid 5 shillings to enter the sweepstake,and shot at 
G.S.H.McKinney and J.Ellis participated.Mr Stevenson and R.C.Jordan won a match each.
Oct 1880..A (Live)Pigeon match was held on 'The Spit',Tauranga.Participants were Captain Ellis and Messers Wrigley,Gray and Kelly.Mr Gray was the winner scoring 

August 1912- meeting of the Tauranga Gun Club was held in the Tauranga Hotel on Saturday evening. Present—Messrs G. W. Brown (chair), J. Tanner, J. Pemberton, A. E. Newsham, S. Davies. H. J. Rowe and F. H. Dodson (hon. secretary).
A letter was read from the secretary of the Whakatane Rod and Gun Club, offering to fire a match at Tauranga on connection with the Jenkins Cup, und enquiring as to the conditions which governed the competition. It was also stated that Whakatane was willing to affiliate with New Zealand Inanimate Bird Association, provided the Tauranga Club would join. It was stated that the Opotiki Gun Club would also affiliate. A circular was read from the Opotiki Gun Club, suggesting the formation of a Bay of Plenty Inanimate Bird Association.
After consideration it was decided that the Tauranga Gun Club affiliate with the New Zealand Inanimate Bird Association, members expressing themselves as not in favour of a Bay of Plenty Association.
A letter was recived from Mr T. P. Jenkins re the Jenkins Cup competition, suggesting a condition that the teams consist of ten men each to fire over three traps.
A letter was read from Mr T. O'Bricn, enclosing the rules under which the Ballistite Cup was shot for at Waihi.
The Colonial Ammunition Company forwarded price lists for ammunition and birds, and copies of the rules of tbe New Zealand Inanimate Bird Assocation. Mr Brown  suggested that the Club should frame rules and circularise the other clubs concerned in the Jenkins Cup comepetitions, solictinig suggestion and amendments, if any.
Mr Newaham gave notice of motion :
(1) That the clause in the minutes of the meeting held on January 24th last, reading "That the membership of the Club be limited to twenty.'' be rescinded;
(2) that the Club be deemed to have been formed on March Ist, 1912, the financial year to terminate at the end of February in each year;
 (3) that the subscription be fixed at 1Os per annum, members joining after June Ist to pay only 5s subscription, entrance fee 2s 6d.
A special committee was set up consisting of Messrs G. W. Brown, A. E. Newsham, E. Chadban, J. Tanner, S. Davies and F. H. Dodson, to hold a meeting on September 2nd for the purpose of framing rules.
The secretary, was instructed to purchase a supply of clay birds.
Mr .Brown porposed: That a committee consisting of Messrs J. Tanner, -Newsham, G. Cook and Davies report to next meeting re a suitable firing ground.—Seconded by Mr Newsham and carried.
Mcssers H. J. Rowe and J. Pemberton were elected members of the Club. This concluded the business.
Jan 1913...A Clay Pigeon Match between Tauranga and Te Puke Gun Clubs was held at Tauranga ground for the inaugural Jenkins Challenge Cup,which is to be competed for by Tauranga,Te Puke,Rotorua,Opotiki and Whakatane Clubs.Tauranga won the first challenge by 2 points.Opotiki beat Tauranga 61-48 in Sept 1913,and then beat Te Puke 70-60. 
1915..Mr B.Noones Gold Medal competed for at the Sulphur Point ground Mr.A.E Newsham won the medal.Mr E.Chadban won the sweepstake on the eight target of a shoot off.
 Jan 1916
A great deal of dissatisfaction was expressed owing to the faulty clay birds, as many as five no birds being given consecutively by the referee.
Aug 1917..A shoot was held in honour of club member Mr R.Cook who was leaving for the Army in WW1,Mr Cook was presented with a wristwatch by the club,he was the 5th club member to join up.The first being the late Lieutentant Dodson.

1 Sept 1920...TAURANGA GUN CLUB.
Annual Meeting
The annual general meeting of members of the Tauranga Gun Club was held in Mr Len Norris's hairdressing saloon on Monday evening, Mr A. E. Newsham presiding over a fair attendance of members.
Officers were elected as follows : —President, Mr G. W. Brown ; vice-president, Mesers A. Brown and G. W. Henderson; committee, Messrs E. Chadban, R. Cook, J. Tanner, A. E. Newsham, and N. Quirk ; secretary and treasurer, Mr R. Long ; handicappers, Messrs E. Chadban and J. Tanner.Mr J. Tanner, the retiring secretary, reported that there was a credit balance of £t 6s Bd, and assets of 750 clay birds and two traps. 
The membership fee was fixed at 7s 6d.
Various speakers favoured holding a meeting on New Year's Day, the principal shoot to be endowed with £50 or more prize money- It was also decided to communicate with the Gun Clubs at Rotorua, Opotiki, Whakatane, Te Puke and Waihi with a view to arranging a circuit of shooting meetings during New Year week.It was agreed to hold a practice match on Thursday, September 9, with a fifteen bird sweepstake; also that on September 16 a shoot be held for a trophy presented by Mr Cairns.Those present agreed to make an active canvass to secure new members
It was resolved to affiliate with the New Zealand Gun Club Association.
It was decided that the Club be represented at the shooting matches at Auckland in September.Tire prospects for a successful season were considered to be bright, and it was stated that a number of new gunmen intended to join the Club.

The Tauranga Gun Club was formed in 1877,the club held live pigeon matches at various venues,around the late 1890's 
clay pigeons were introduced and the clubwas involved in shoots with other clubs around the Bay of Plenty.
Sulphur Point around 1900.                   
A club ground was established at Sulphur Point and shoots were also held at the Domain,as shooting was a popular 
spectator sport at the time.
In 1912 the club was reformed and affiliated to the N.Z Inanimate Target Assocation,with the express purpose
of shooting clay targets.
In 1920 the club affilated with the NZ Gun Club Association.
The Club later shifted to a ground in 18th Avenue,were the Intermediate School now is.
Shooters at the 18th Avenue grounds in 1946
Shooters at the 18th Avenue grounds in 1946
The Tauranga Club then went into recess for some time.
In 1956 5 keen shooters meet in Te Puke and the Te Puke-Tauranga club was formed,the club grounds were in Domain Road, Papamoa opposite the present Papamoa Tavern.
Initial shooting was done using an upturned cattle trough as a trap house and a manual trap was installed.
The shooters put in around $300 each and more modern traps were purchased.
The club flourished but in the late '70s it went into recess again.

The Te Puke-Tauranga Club. 
In 1978 when the Tauranga City Council found suitable land at its present site in Tara Road,the club was revived again and they became the Nilo Clay Target Club.The change of name to the Tauranga Clay Target Association was made when they became an Incorporated Society and the Association felt that the name change reflected and fitted more with their identity and development plans.
Building the Grounds 1978.
Building the grounds 1978 

The Last day at the Tauranga Club.

On Sunday the 5th of February 2012 the last club day was held at the Tauranga Clay Target Club grounds.After 34 years at the grounds,135 years after it was first formed,and in its 100th year of shooting clay targets,the last shots were fired in a shoot off that went to 350 targets before the competitors sportingly called it a drawn match.
The Last Shoot Off at Tauranga.

The Last Tauranga Clay Target Club Shoot.

Single Rise.

A Grade.

HOA After a shoot off of 350 targets and looking like going another 300 targets the 3 left...... 
Brian Hartley, John Waldon, and Alan Vickers decided to share HOA equally. 
3rd  Martin van de Wetering.

B Grade. 
1st   Ian Hartley.
2nd  Tony Beaver.
3rd   Warwick Hamilton.

C Grade 
1st   Aidan Buchanan. 
2nd   Colin Caws. 
3rd   Chrissie Urlich.


HOA....John Waldon. 

A Grade 
1st   Alan Vickers. 
2nd  Allan Ebbett. 
3rd   Grant Castles. 

B Grade 
1st   Phil Kerr.
2nd  Colin Pritchard. 
3rd   Warwick Hamilton. 

C Grade 
1st Colin Caws.
 2nd Chrissie Urlich. 
3rd Aidan Buchanan.

Single Barrel 

HOA....Grant Castles.

A Grade 
1st   John Waldon.
2nd  Anja Van De Wetering.
3rd   Brian Hartley. 

B Grade 
1st   Ian Hartley.
2nd  Phil Kerr. 
3rd   Bruce Parkin.
C Grade 
1st   Darrel Crawford.
2nd  Chrissie Urlich. 
3rd   Colin Caws.
2011 Tauranga Club Trophy Holders
 2011 HOA Club Champion : Mark Walsh.
Hynds Memorial S/R :Lindsay Thomson.
2011 Gymcrack : Allan Vickers.
2011 Continental : Brian Hartley.
2011 HBD : Peter Maguire.
2011 Minis : Brian Hartley.
Triples : Ross Ellis.
2011 Double Rise : Ross Ellis
2011 Lamming Memorial : Mark Walsh.
2011 Anderson Memorial Skeet : Mark Walsh.
2011 Club Champs Points : Mark Walsh.
2011 Triples : Ben Tuck..
2011 Single Barrel : Mark Walsh.
2011 Skeet : Mark Walsh.
2011 Single Rise : Ross Ellis.

The Mount Maunganui Clay Target Club
was founded in 1978 and was situated on Jim Patterson’s farm at Te Maunga. 
The Original Mount Grounds at Te Maunga,behind where BayPark now is.

Urban growth forced the club to find new grounds and they relocated to a farm at Ohauiti.
Mount Club at Ohauiti.

Sale of the property at Ohauiti forced the Mount Club to move again to its present location at the top of Kaitemako Road.
Mount Club at Kaitemako Rd.

The Club shifted to the present location at the top of Kaitemako Road approximately 10 years ago.  The Mount Club is aligned with the Chartered Clubs of New Zealand and while the club itself is not a member of the NZCTA, most of its members are. 

The Final Shoot at Kaitemako Rd grounds was held on June 17th 2012.The grounds have been used for 13 years.
Last Day at the Mount Club.

 Mount Club Trophies
10 Single Rise/10 Points/10 Single Barrel
Magan Carson  :15 Single Rise
Lewis Cup :10 Pair Double Rise
Crowe Cup :10 Pair Double Rise(Juniors)
Barnett Cup : 15 Single Barrel
Waterhouse Cup : 20 Single Rise
Mayberry Cup : Gym Crack
Greaney Cup : 15 Single Rise of 22m
Patterson Memorial : 20 Single Barrel
Senior Open : 20 Single Rise
Bass Cup : Most Improved Junior Shooter
Leach Cup : Junior Shooters
Junior Double Rise
Most Improved Shooter
Freedom Builders Cup : Points
Bay of Plenty Tiling Trophy:Sporting Clays.
 Do you have any old photos or records of the Tauranga Gun
Club?.The club would appreciate being able to copy them to
add to the historical archives of the club.

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